Apr 24th
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Tanzania destroys 3,000 illegal weapons

 AUTHORITIES in Tanzania at the weekend reportedly destroyed over 3,000 illegal firearms, in an operation aimed at curbing crime in the East African region.A report by Xinhua claimed that the country’s Vice President Mohamed Gharib Bilal witnessed the burning of 3,181 illegal firearms at Ukonga Prisons’ grounds on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, the east African country’s commercial capital.Bilal said the destroyed firearms were used by people to commit armed robberies within the East African member countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.He said most of the armed robberies occur on borders among the East African partner states, adding that it was estimated that there were 500,000 illegal firearms in the region.He said 200,000 illegal firearms have already been surrendered and destroyed in the east African region since the operation began last year.Late last year, Tanzanian police authorities announced a three- month grace period for people possessing unlicenced firearms in the country to surrender them to district commissioners, ward executive officers, regional and district police officers or to any police station.The Inspector General of Police Saidi Mwema said those legally permitted to own a gun should renew their licences within the three-month period. He said under the exercise all weapons in the country should be registered.Mwema warned that the police force would embark on a country-wide crackdown on those possessing firearms illegally after the registration deadline elapsed.Meanwhile, Tanzania has resorted to adopt an inclusive approach that proved to be an effective tool towards curbing poaching in its 15 national parks, a top official said on Saturday.In the new strategy geared to save few remaining groups of the big five mammals, the East African country started teaming up with the private sector as well as all security agents.“We came to learn that working alone in this war, it is impossible to win this fight, as perpetuators are changing tactics, “ Khamis Kagesheki, Tanzania’s Minister for Natural Resource and Tourism, told Xinhua on Saturday in Arusha. 

U.S. lauds ‘successful’ French intervention in Mali, seeks polls

THE United States (U.S.) Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday praised the “successful” intervention by France to root out Islamic rebels in northern Mali, and urged Ma...

U.S. Chamber to Launch U.S.-Côte d'Ivoire Business Council

Business Representatives Aim to Advance Bilateral Commercial Trade  
WASHINGTON, D.C.— As international leaders gather for the United Nations General Assembly, the U.S. Cha...

ECOWAS seeks support for industrialisation policy

ECOWAS seeks support for industrialisation policy

INDICATIONS emerged yesterday that the West African Industrial Policy (WACIP) mooted by sub-regional leaders as the main lever of integrated industrialisation of the area...

Senegal begins countdown to tough election re-run

Senegal begins countdown to tough election re-run SENEGAL’S veteran leader, Abdoulaye Wade yesterday launched into a two week poll campaign facing defeat by rival Macky Sall in his controversial bid for a third term in o...

Gulf of Guinea hosts special military exercises

Gulf of Guinea hosts special military exercises    A FOUR-DAY international maritime military exercise codenamed Obangame Express 2012 began in the Gulf of Guinea yesterday. The exercise, which is being hosted by Nigeria ...

Egypt’s new parliament elects Saad al-Katatni as Speaker

Egypt’s new parliament elects Saad al-Katatni as Speaker   DEPUTIES in Egypt’s first post-revolution parliament this week elected Saad al-Katatni, a leading member of the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, as the country’s new Speaker...

Senegal appeals for calm ahead of polls

  WITH presidential polls only two months away, Senegal appealed last week   to its citizens that the deadly political clashes in the capital recently   should lead to soul-se...

Reversal of the assets sale in Nigeria

Reversal of the assets sale in Nigeria

The Nigerian Senate yesterday approved the reversal of the sale of some national assets sold during Obasanjo’s administration.
They are; Daily Times of Nigeria; Transcorp ...

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