Jan 22nd
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Award winning poet brings Nigeria’s social ills to life

Port Harcourt, Nigeria. – Human trafficking, the social stigma of HIV/AIDS and the Niger Delta conflict are just three of the current Nigerian hot button topics that poet and playwright Jekwu Ozoemene has his characters face in his new book The Anger of Unfulfillment: Three Plays Out of Nigeria.Each play focuses on a different set of societal challenges facing Nigeria today. First performed on stage in 2010, The Anger of Unfulfillment deals with human trafficking and poverty driven corruption that fuels social unrest in Nigeria.In the popular Hell’s Invitation, the second play in the book which was first performed on stage in 1998, Jekwu’s characters face the HIV/AIDS crisis and how the stigma surrounding being tested means that opportunities for early treatments and help are often lost.Finally, in This Time Tomorrow, which had its on stage debut in 1991, we are treated to a comic portrayal of Nigerian politicians, youth and academia and their approach to nation building and politics.Ozoemene, whose collection of earlier published poetry Shadows of Existence, an Anthology of Poetry, won an Editor’s Choice award, wants to entertain audiences and readers with his sometimes satirical take on Nigerian social issues. “I hope to give the reader as much joy in reading these plays as I found in writing them.” Jekwu says. “They are a comic catharsis for me, especially on those days when I feel that all hope for my country, Nigeria, is lost.” 

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